Travel with SRF Go

RF Go is the Swedish Confederation of the Visually Impaired’s own travel agency, which every year arranges numerous trips and activities, both in Sweden and abroad, for our members.

Register your interest and desired reading medium (black, daisy, braille and e-mail) if you want to have the catalog sent to your home.

Open 9–15 Mon–Fri (closed for lunch 11.30–13.00). Call 08-39 90 17 or  email

Travel catalog August-December 2023

Registration form group trip 2023 (can be completed and emailed to

Tailor your own trip

Registration for your own trip

This is SRF Go

You who are a visually impaired member with us can take part in sun and swimming trips, theme trips, city trips, music festivals, hiking and cycling weeks.

In most cases we travel with travel agencies, but sometimes we arrange our own activities.

You pay for your own travel, but SRF Go provides at least one companion per two visually impaired and covers all companion costs.

If you are hungry for travel, order our travel catalog which comes out twice a year in spring and autumn. It’s free and you can get it in black or braille, daisy or by email.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you want to sign up for a trip.

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    Being an escort means being eyes for our travelers by describing the surroundings, warning of dangers, reading menus, helping…

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  3. Travel guarantee

    We have arranged a travel guarantee with the Kammarkollegiet