Companion for SRF Go

Being an escort means being eyes for our travelers by describing the surroundings, warning of dangers, reading menus, helping with shopping, etc.

Our companions are ordinary people who stand up without pay during our trips and activities.

SRF Go pays for travel, subsistence and all expenses incurred by them (as companions) during their mission.

Some chaperones have a relative or acquaintance who is visually impaired and has a great habit of chaperoning. Others may have come across one of our groups on holiday and think escorting would suit them, but have no experience.

Some are retired and can come from at any time, while others can only show up at certain times of the year.

We do not have any training for escorts, but we inform about the conditions and try not to “lock out” more than one new escort per group.

On each trip, there is a group-responsible companion who keeps the companion distribution during the trip because the companions rotate in the group. The person is also the contact person for us and possibly travel agency. On the other hand, the group leader is not a leader who should keep the group together or suggest activities. It is everyone’s responsibility to make the trip the way you want it to be.