Asset management policy

SRF’s capital management policy states which rules apply to the management of SRF’s capital and management of earmarked funds.

The purpose of the guidelines in the policy is that the management must be conducted in an efficient and safe manner so that the return target is achieved. At the same time, the risk must be limited in accordance with the needs of the business.

The asset management policy states:

  • The overall level of risk.
  • Goal setting with the administration.
  • In which assets and with what restrictions the portfolio’s funds may be invested.
  • Limitations on how different types of assets should be distributed within the portfolio.
  • How the portfolio’s assets are to be stored.
  • How the administration and its results are to be reported.
  • How responsibility for administration is distributed.

The policy should serve as a guide in the work of people within (and possibly outside) SRF, who work with the portfolio.