Kontaktoni Synline

Telefoni: 08-39 93 00

Orari i hapjes:

Hënë – Mërkurë 10:00-15:00, mbyllur për drekë 11:30-13:00.

Email: synlinjen@srf.nu

Rreth linjës së shikimit

Linja e vizionit ofron këshilla falas për çështje që lidhen me vizionin.
Këtu mund të merrni këshilla dhe informacione për Federatën Kombëtare të Personave me Paaftësi të Pamë (SRF), rehabilitimin, punën, studimet, ndihmat, të drejtat dhe më shumë.
Lexo më shumë...

Rreth linjës së shikimit

Synlinjen is an information center that offers free advice on vision-related issues.

Here you can get advice and information about the National Association of the Visually Impaired (SRF), rehabilitation, work, studies, aids, rights and more.

Synlinjen’s advisers have their own experience of living with a visual impairment. The counselors have good insight into many of the challenges a person with visual impairment can face throughout life, and are happy to answer your questions, big or small. If we cannot answer your question, we will do our best to find the answer for you. Everyone who works with Synlinjen has a duty of confidentiality and you can choose what information you provide to us.

The line of sight is for everyone

At SRF, we work actively to be the obvious source for vision-related advice and information. The line of sight is an important part of that process and we welcome everyone to ask us their sight questions. You are welcome to contact us if you have a visual impairment, are a relative, parent of a child with a visual impairment, employer, school staff, authority, etc. 

If you are a member of SRF, you also have the opportunity to receive support and guidance in simpler legal matters such as the application process for various allowances and accompaniment via LSS.

The history of line of sight

The National Association of the Visually Impaired is the country’s representative for people with visual impairments and we work actively to strengthen the quality of life for people with visual impairments. An important part of that work is to provide updated and relevant information. In 2019, SRF began developing the Synlinjen service, an information center for vision-related issues. The sight line opened in March 2020 and offers advice and information via phone and email.

If you have questions about Synlinjen, you are welcome to contact Per Wictorsson, interest policy manager.
Email: per.wictorsson@srf.nu